Ken T.
Jul 13, 2016
Singing Lessons (for adults)
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Madelene Capelle is not just a great teacher of music and singing, she is a great teacher. I began with Madelene 10 months ago and my results are truly transformational. I have sung in choruses and choirs and as a soloist for over 55 years, including with conductors such as Margaret Hillis, Thomas Peck, and Jane Hardester. I have studied individually with faculty at USC in Los Angeles. Madelene's knowledge of music, singing, and technique is the equal of any. Despite my advancing age, she has provided the necessary technique to release, produce, and use my voice far beyond anything I have previously experienced. Thanks to Madelene I can look forward to the pleasure of making music for the foreseeable future at a level I always hoped for but had never reached. I strongly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring or developing their vocal potential.

I recently recorded a few arias and would love to hear what you think! Looking back, I truly appreciate and cherish the work we did together - you were such a great teacher and mentor for me, and I'll never forget the joy and enthusiasm you have for the music and the art! Wishing you well, Madelene!

Lilly N
Lily played the Stepmother in Cinderell

Lilly N

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Capelle for well over a year. During this time I improved my diction and articulation and was able to become a better public speaker. I highly recommend her services; her attitude and demeanor greatly enhance the learning experience.
Anthony S. Ward

Melissa Duran

Working as a news reporter and anchor, having a high-pitched voice was holding me back in my career.  After years of trying to fix the problem on my own, I realized I needed professional help.  Thankfully, I found Madelene Capelle who took me under her wing.  From the beginning, she knew exactly what areas to target.  We worked on everything from breathing techniques to learning how to resonate my voice to make it sound lower. Within weeks, not only did I start noticing a difference, so did my boss.  Since my voice lessons, I have been given more anchor time at my news station and have been told my voice is starting to mature. I am now anchoring on a more regular basis…and I credit a big part of my success to Madelene.  Her patience with me and her ability to pinpoint problem areas with my voice gave me the extra edge I needed to get my career moving again.  Anybody who has the opportunity to work with Madelene should take advantage of it.  Her talent and professionalism is evident in her work!  It was a joy to work with her.

Melissa Duran

News Anchor/Reporter

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When I decided to pursue singing, I began taking lessons with Madeline; she was my first voice teacher.

I couldn’t have been more fortunate because I was an older student and the technique that she taught has been the cornerstone of my learning process. Not only did she give me solid technique, but also worked with me through the psychological and emotional aspect of performance.


Because of my well-rounded foundation, I have been able to grow as a singer and be a successful performer working in the States and overseas. Madeline has extensive knowledge and the patience to be able to communicate it in a way that gives optimal results as long as you are willing to work through it. I am eternally grateful to have her in my life!

Tiffany Lawrence


While still in Nevada Kelcy studied voice under world-renowned opera singer Madelene Capelle, and if there was one thing the Las Vegas opera star taught the budding teen country artist, it was how to use her own power. “She can belt it,” Kelcy said, laughing. “She doesn’t need a microphone.” Kelcy is a country singer through and through, though, and while she got good advice from a leading operatic icon, she isn’t about to change her style. Some of her favorite singers include Carrie Underwood, Leann Rimes and Shania Twain, though she has enough confidence in her own sound and abilities to not compare herself to anybody. “I’m country, and I’m more country than Shania,” she said. “I’m not exactly Patsy Cline either though, I guess I’m somewhere in the middle.”

Kelcey Lee

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t adequately express my appreciation at my last lesson today. Thank you for your patience and for everything that you taught me. I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and warmness.

Also, I wanted to briefly expand on what I learned taking voice lessons with you. Besides the importance of breathing, keeping the throat open, and controlling your mouth, I also learned the importance of pulling the air back (something I am still working on), warming up the voice, how the vocal cords operate, what yelling does to your vocal cords (nodes), keeping the jaw relaxed, proper singing posture, the proper pronunciation of “the” when it comes before a vowel (thee East), and exercises to improve resonance. I also learned that one has to have conscious control when singing, it isn’t just about belting out a song without technique, and that singing requires some confidence. I learned much much more, but this email would get rather long if I continued on.
College of Southern Nevada

I have been one of Madelene Capelle’s voice students for the past two years. I was unsure about being able to sing much longer because of my voice’s condition, however with Madelene’s great teaching skill and knowledge of the voice, I now am singing in two choirs and have sung two solos in one of them.

The lessons are interesting, and I always look forward to them. Madelene makes singing easier than one might think, and she makes it fun. I highly recommend her and believe she is a superb vocal instructor.
Jerrie Pearson
Miss Capelle is awesome. A hidden treasure in Las Vegas. If you have interest in music give her a call. The sooner the better.
Eric - Jun 14, 2011

It was January 2009 while on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, FL., that I underwent emergency thyroid surgery, performed at the Cleveland Clinic, by Dr. Mark Sestos, Chief of Vascular Surgery. I suffered from an extremely massive internal goiter that extended below my collarbone and also encased my vocal cords. Due to the skill of the surgeon, my vocal cords were spared. However, the three hour surgery resulted in trauma, as the goiter had to be scraped away to spare the vocal cords. After surgery, I was able to speak and had resolved myself to accept the fact that I would never be able to sing again. Then, by the grace of God, I met Madelene Capelle. Not only was she the professional I needed for voice therapy, but she has been the finest vocal coach I have ever known. Her approach to voice coaching included a physical analysis of my condition that was based on her knowledge of the vocal anatomy. She shared with me medical journals that described the condition of my vocal cords and gave me her assurance that I could again sing. Under her training, I have regained a voice that is again considered for solo work. It is because of the grace of God and the talent and knowledge of Madelene Capelle, that I can again lift my voice in song. Thank you Madelene for all you have done for me.
Toni Trapp

Dear Ms. Capelle,
Thank you so much for teaching me voice, it has been a wonderful experience!
Thank you for sharing your talents and insight so abundantly. I have gained so much vocally.
Thank you also, for being such a wonderful person. You have been so much fun to learn with your teaching methods.
Rebecca S.
Madelene, you are the BEST teacher/person to work with ever.
Your a sweet heart, and even when I'm about to cry, you can make me crack up with laughter.
I know my career is moving forward because of your extreme knowledge of vocal technique even for a Country singer!!
I love you!!!!!
Kelcy Lee
Madelene takes her talent and work very seriously. She was very helpful as she introduced new techniques and patiently executed each lesson.
Madelene’s instruction experience is extensive and very professional. It was a pleasure, delight and enjoyable to have her as a vocal coach.
I appreciate Madelene very much!
Service Category: Voice Lessons
Year first hired: 2004 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Valentina Estrada
"Madelene Capelle was my first voice teacher and gave me the tools and the foundation I have used to build my voice throughout the years.
The knowledge and sensitivity she exemplifies for young and mature voices alike is unmatched. I owe so much to this woman for teaching me to sing with a passion and to love music wholeheartedly. I have had some of my best experiences in her studio and someday I hope to influence the lives of young people as she has so dearly touched mine."
Carolina Uribe
Pepperdine University
Advertising major, music minor.

"Fabulous Voice Teacher!" My son studied with Ms. Cappelle for two years in high school. There was a marked improvement in his voice and, as a result, after auditions for major universities, my son was offered multiple music scholarships. He is now studying Music/Vocal Performance and performing in semi-professional opera productions as a freshman. She is a great teacher, relates very well with her students on a personal level, and really gets the most out of them. She is an incredibly gifted and talented performer as well, with an extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the human voice. My son continues to study with Ms Cappelle when he is home on breaks for "tune-ups" and assistance with his repertoire.
Nancy Matheny
I just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to be working with you. That was an enlightening experience last night, and I want to pursue your techniques until I settle all the issues you noted last night. I don't care if I sing another note in public until we have done one hot Summer's work on this. I can already tell a difference in my voice. Your evaluation and technical methods to correct are fabulous.

"She is hands down the best vocal coach I have ever worked with. I am a musical theatre actress and she understands that my acting choices come first. She helps me to get a healthy sound while staying true to my acting choices. I always feel confident about my vocal work after I work with her. She really knows her stuff! She is always available to help prepare a vocal audition, even if it is last minute. She is worth every penny!!!"

Grazie for sharing your knowledge and passion with Elissa and for being who you are!
Francesco Lafranconi
Director of Mixology
SWS of America

I took voice lessons with Madelene Capelle through CSN; I found her to be a wonderful teacher and incredible singer! She is highly skilled and qualified, professional at all times, yet warm and personable with a delightful sense of humor. Through her I received excellent training and invaluable advice, leading to a rapid development and noticeable improvement of my voice. I have a Musical Theatre History from Texas and Germany, and I appreciate her international experience. It has been an honor and a privilege working with her! I highly recommend her without reservation!

I have been one of Madelene Capelle's voice students for the past two years. I was unsure about being able to sing much longer because of my voice condition, however, with Madelene's great teaching skill and knowledge of the voice, I now am singing in two choirs and have sung two solos with them. The lessons are interesting, and I always look forward to them. Madelene makes singing easier than one might think...and she makes it fun. I highly recommend her and believe she is a superb voice instructor.
Jerrie Pearson
"Thank you Miss Madelene" for our piano and voice lessons, we love to come each week because you are so much fun. We loved the Easter Party Recital.
The Sisters